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HA, DR, and Consolidation for Any Instance

DxConsole software provides a unified operational model to orchestrate SQL Server management and high availability across a heterogeneous physical and virtual infrastructure. DxConsole combines individual instance mobility and policy-based monitoring to intelligently automate IT operations and maintain required performance and availability SLAs.

DxConsole provides your SQL Server Environment with:

  • Application level high availability and instance mobility to every SQL Server instance (both onsite as well as geo-clustering)
  • Health and performance monitoring with reactive and proactive automation and alerting
  • SLA framework with instance-level Quality of Service resource contention controls

DxConsole lets you build, maintain and protect a single SQL Server infrastructure that is scalable and elastic as demand dictates.
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Automate High Availability and Disaster Recovery

DxHADR software orchestrates and automates high availability, disaster recovery, maintenance, and management of SQL Server instances across a heterogeneous physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure.

Key Benefits of DxHADR:

  • SQL Server instances are automatically re-hosted from on-premises to an alternate site during an outage
  • Seamless management of the DR site and on-premises SQL Server instances through a single operational model and console
  • Leverage any 3rd party replication technology (host based and/or SAN based), as well as any version or edition of SQL Server and OS.
  • Active policy-based monitoring automates IT operations to maintain required SLA and QoS contracts for all SQL Server instances regardless of location.

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Quickly Move Instance Data

DxTransfer is a SQL Server migration utility that enables the movement of any SQL Server instance from any source to any target.

  • Selectively choose databases to move within an instance
  • Supports transfer of SQL Server logins, SQL Server Jobs, SQL Server Alerts, SQL Server Operations, Backup Devices, and Linked Servers
  • Drives consistent migrations and fully supports in place upgrades

DxTransfer ensures consistent migration results and supports all versions and editions of SQL Server from 2005 on, simply, reliably, and efficiently. >> Learn More