SQL Server Consolidation and Agility

DxConsole Architecture

DxConsole lets you build, maintain and protect your SQL Server infrastructure with a single intuitive and scalable management console. With DxConsole, you get unsurpassed IT agility, with the ability to rehost any SQL Server instance quickly and easily, regardless of OS version or SQL Server edition.

DxConsole gives your SQL Server environment:

  • Application-level high availability, mobility and disaster recovery for every SQL Server instance—both onsite as well as geo-clustering
  • Intuitive SLA framework with instance-level quality of service (QoS) controls for both performance and availability
  • Health and performance monitoring with reactive and proactive automation and alerting

DxConsole provides a consolidation and SLA assurance platform as well as HA/DR solution for large-scale SQL Server deployments.

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DxConsole is software that uses a breakthrough lightweight container technology to decouple an enterprise application instance from a physical server or virtual machine. This intelligent de-coupling provides the client transparent access to the application regardless of its location. Working at the application level, DxConsole enables mobility to each instance. Additionally, DxConsole is infrastructure agnostic, allowing applications to run at full unencumbered speed, with native access to the resources of the underlying host and shared storage pool.

The InstanceMobility feature of DxConsole enables an application to be dynamically moved from one server host to another, in less than 30 seconds. This speed makes every instance highly available. Individual InstanceMobility allows you to do no-risk instance stacking maximizing server and license utilization. Instead of deploying just one instance per host, you can deploy multiple instances per virtual or physical machine; reducing your total OS and host count. Also because you can move an individual instance in under 30 sec., you essentially get a "can't get it wrong" deployment model for all your instances, reducing risk.

DxConsole has a powerful resource manager that pro-actively monitors and automates IT processes for all your instances. The resource manager will automatically load balance instances to ensure performance even when in a degraded state. With the resource manager you can also protect every instance with its own independent, portable QoS controls to ensure that availability and performance SLAs are always achieved.

DxConsole's unified operational model lets you build, maintain and protect a single SQL Server cloud infrastructure that is scalable and elastic as demand dictates. With one tool, simplify provisioning and patching, absorb component failures without loss of service, provide reporting tools to enable customers to pay for only what they use, and take proactive action to ensure that the availability and performance requirements of every SQL Server instance is always met.

The cloud is a diverse and heterogeneous place and within this diversity, some applications are not well suited to being run in virtual machines. They may always run on bare metal hardware due to availability, performance, licensing, or even support reasons. Additionally, those applications that are well suited to VMs are—or soon will be run on numerous vendor VMs (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, etc...). DxConsole's infrastructure agnostic approach increases agility and enables tech refresh to be simple and risk free. The addition and removal of commodity hardware can now be done to maximize server utilization and SQL & hypervisor license utilization—minimizing software and hardware.

DxConsole enables a company to take full advantage of this diversity by creating a cloud infrastructure consisting of portable instances, heterogeneous physical and virtual servers, and shared storage. DxConsole can move instances from P2P, P2V, V2P or V2V—anywhere in your private cloud. The infrastructure is no longer the focus—allowing you to optimize your SQL Server environment to improve host utilization rates and consolidation ratios. The outcome is a SQL Server footprint reduced by more than 70%, no VM vendor lock-in, and the lowest TCO and highest ROI available.

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