Oracle Database on Windows

Application-Level High Availability & SLA Management

Use DxEnterprise to manage your Oracle Database on Windows environment to get:

Application-level HA without the need for Fail Safe or WSFC. This means active directory is supported, but not required.

Built-in quality of service controls for SLA assurance at the instance level. Full dependency coordination gives you unsurpassed control and agility.

Highest level of protection from OS, application and infrastructure faults, as well as most pilot errors.

Easy stretch clusters for a simple, automated, multi-subnet disaster recovery framework.

Next-Level Consolidation

Safely stack as many Oracle DB instances as you want to increase server utilization and eliminate OS sprawl. This gets you physical and logical consolidation with the fewest restrictions and no hardware limitations.

Your Infrastructure Can Consist of Any of the Following Elements

  • Oracle Database 11gR2 or newer (64-bit), any edition
  • Windows Server 2008R2 or newer, any edition
  • Industry-standard x64 servers
  • Any IP networking fabric
  • Fibre Channel, iSCSI or FC over IB SAN storage

Save on Oracle Licensing While Maintaining 100% Compliance

Achieve huge cost savings by reducing the number of OSes you have to license and manage. You get all the HA, consolidation and management benefits of DH2i on any edition of Oracle Database.