Physical Server Deployment Model

Consolidate and Save


With DxEnterprise, you get both logical and physical consolidation with the fewest restrictions. Now you can stack database instances and containers, not machines. With our lightweight Vhost technology, stacking workloads doesn’t mean stacking operating systems (OSes). No more OS sprawl. No more hardware limitations. You get high availability and disaster recovery, with a huge reduction in operating systems to manage, and up to 60% licensing savings. All with an easy install.

Your Infrastructure Can Consist of Any of the Following Elements
  • SQL Server 2005 or newer, any edition
  • Windows Server 2008R2 or newer, any edition
  • Ubuntu 16+, CentOS 7+, RHEL 7+
  • Oracle Database 11gR2 or newer, any edition
  • Docker, any edition
  • Industry-standard x64 servers
  • Any IP networking fabric
  • Fibre Channel, iSCSI or FC over IB SAN storage

The most efficient physical datacenter consolidation and performance for native SQL Server workloads

DxEnterprise gives you the most efficient physical consolidation for SQL Server, with no hypervisor overhead. You get bare-metal performance and avoid all the licensing gotchas associated with SQL Server virtualization. Now you can stack workloads, not machines, for the highest efficiency consolidation in your physical datacenter.

SQL Server licensing savings and full license compliance

We let you decide which SQL Server edition you need based on your project requirements rather than rigid licensing rules. With DxEnterprise, you can use any SQL Server version or edition with up to 50 instances per host. You get both a physical and a logical consolidation, even with SQL Server Standard or Express edition, and you can leverage the Standard edition of the operating system for additional cost savings. All without requiring Software Assurance for mobility, and all with full Microsoft license compliance. Our customers typically see licensing savings of up to 60% compared to unlimited virtualization.

Physical Deployment with Containerized Workloads

For already consolidated Docker workloads on Windows and Linux, DxEnterprise can easily pull these containers into its advanced high availability framework. Our lightweight Vhost technology can facilitate easy failover of stateful Docker containers between OS hosts while maintaining data persistence.

Application-Level High Availability & SLA Management

DxEnterprise gives you full quality-of-service (QoS) resource controls on applications, not machines. You get application-level high availability, SLA management and full dependency coordination for unsurpassed control and agility. DxEnterprise capabilities protect you from OS, application and infrastructure faults, with self-healing even from most pilot errors.

Liberate your datacenter—no matter how it’s deployed