Cloud Deployment Model

Unsurpassed Flexibility, Lowest-Cost Deployment


Businesses are moving their enterprise applications to the cloud for all the right reasons, including flexibility, efficiency, cost, and disaster protection. But the high cost of licensing requirements—especially as they impact mobility—have changed the game. Suddenly all the reasons you went to the cloud now cost more and provide less flexibility.

DxEnterprise gives you back the advantages of the cloud, with the same protection models as on-premises. Now you have real options. The agility provided by our lightweight Vhost technology promises the most cost-efficient deployment for both licensing and cloud metering. You get complete mobility for applications and their dependent data without having to pay for premium licenses like Enterprise Edition SQL Server—culminating in easy, cost-effective clustering in the cloud.

Your Cloud Infrastructure Can Consist of Any of the Following Elements
  • Windows Server 2008R2 or newer, any edition
  • Ubuntu 16+, CentOS 7+ or RHEL 7+
  • SQL Server 2005+, any edition
  • Oracle Database 11gR2+
  • Docker, any edition
  • Any cloud stack and any guest OS that that can run the above
  • Any cloud-provided ISCSI disk
  • Any VSAN-provider ISCSI disk
  • Across any combination of availability zones
Harden the Cloud for Enterprise Applications

Create Your Own Disaster Recovery Plan

DxEnterprise give you InstanceMobility stop-start application flexibility with near-zero downtime for the highest level of automated fault protection. And you can leverage any third-party virtual SAN for advanced functionality. You get easy onboarding for disaster resilience as well as stop-start mobility to manage workloads and application or OS upgrades.

Microvisor Gives You Control

Moving to the cloud frees you from infrastructure concerns so you can focus on what really matters—your business-critical applications. The microvisor built into DxEnterprise provides all the tools you need to manage your cloud framework as if it was on-premises. Our easy installation process takes you from standalone to clustered in minutes. Get near elimination of planned downtime through stop-start application and OS modernization. Gain simple and robust disaster tolerance with built-in geo-clustering.

All the Advantages of the Cloud; No Compromises
  • QoS at the application level with near-zero downtime
  • Unsurpassed application availability, mobility and lifecycle management
  • Simple and robust disaster resilience with built-in geo-clustering
  • Powerful, built-in microvisor framework for easy modernization with application stop-start tech refresh
  • Near weightless workload mobility with dependent application data that follows the workload—all with no boot time and no data migrations
  • Agility and software license flexibility, with no vendor or infrastructure lock
  • Any cloud stack, any mix
  • Protection from infrastructure, OS, and application faults—even most pilot error
  • Use any third-party virtual SAN for advanced functionality or the guest ISCSI capabilities of Windows Server 2012 or newer
Get the Advantages of DxEnterprise for Any Cloud Provider