Free SQL Server Migration Tool

Move a SQL Server instance from one server to another—quickly and easily

DH2i DxTransfer® is a free, lightweight migration tool that transfers SQL Server instance data from one server to another. It’s ideal for migrating instances into DxEnterprise, but also supports a wide range of SQL Server migration projects.

DxTransfer incorporates Microsoft’s best practices for migrating a SQL Server instance between any hosts, using standard methods found in ADO.NET 4.0 and in-process calls of SQLDMO. No external dependencies or references are needed.

Ensure a uniform and consistent deployment of SQL instances during migration

  • Identify configuration differences within the source Microsoft SQL Server instances
  • Implement appropriate changes to ensure conformance with corporate standards
  • No external dependencies or references needed
  • Ensure original data and rapid restoration using backup/restore (with copy_only) methodology
  • Source SQL Server instance is never disturbed or brought offline
  • Automatic in-place upgrades for transferred data if source SQL Server instance is at a lower version than target

Use DxTransfer to transfer the following data:

  • User databases
  • Model system database
  • SQL logins
  • Backup devices
  • Linked servers
  • SQL Agent alerts
  • SQL Agent jobs
  • SQL Agent operators