Secure Your Datacenter –
Whatever Your Deployment

Build secure micro-tunnels to users, sites and/or clouds


Remote User Access

Enable privileged access from anywhere with granular application-level control

Almost every organization has remote users and third parties who need to be able to connect to cloud or on-premises applications from wherever they are—from the airport to the home office to the local coffee shop. Traditional VPNs for remote users rely upon complex, expensive, and less-than-secure network-to-network approaches.

With DxOdyssey, users simply install a lightweight client on their devices to connect to the secure tunnels their administrator has granted them access to. Unlike a VPN, these application-level tunnels provide remote users or groups of users with secure access to only privileged applications—instead of an entire slice of the network.

Hybrid Cloud

Use DxOdyssey to make your hybrid cloud dreams a reality

Spinning up a workload in AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, or any other cloud is easy. But configuring the ability to securely connect to these remote services can pose challenges. Creating a distributed application architecture that allows workloads to run both onsite and in the cloud is much harder than it sounds, and tying together the networking to set up a DR target in the cloud can be a nightmare. Opening up ports leaves you vulnerable, while using a cloud vendor’s VPN service is clunky and gets very expensive for 24/7 operations.

Whatever your hybrid cloud use case, DxOdyssey is the solution for simplifying secure networking connectivity. Using DxOdyssey, you can create highly available application-level micro-tunnels between your on-premises datacenter and the cloud. Setup and configuration are a breeze, and you won’t have to pay an hourly VPN rental rate from your cloud vendor. And with our SQL Server Availability Groups integration, spanning an AG across sites and clouds couldn’t be easier.

On-Premises to On-Premises

Secure and simplify your site-to-site connectivity

With multiple sites in your enterprise, you need to be able to easily connect to applications or access machines across your geographically dispersed locations. Traditionally, setting up a VPN could help connect sites, but the cost and complexity to do so is prohibitive and opens up the systems to lateral network attacks. Another approach is implementing a direct link to keep the sites on the same network, but that infrastructure can be even more expensive. And maintaining redundant links to ensure uninterrupted operations if one of the connections goes down further compounds the price.

DxOdyssey makes it easier and less expensive to overcome these networking challenges. It lets you create secure application-level connectivity between your sites without a VPN or direct link. It gives you better security, is less complex to configure and maintain, is more performant than other approaches, and removes the need for dedicated links between sites.


Reduce your risk and take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud

As we have seen with the news of recent high-profile cloud outages, placing all of your operations in a single cloud can be risky. That risk can be reduced by running across multiple clouds, but doing so poses networking configuration nightmares.

Mitigate risk and simplify connectivity with DxOdyssey. Using DxOdyssey you can spread out your workloads across multiple clouds with application-specific micro-tunnels tying them together. Move operations as needed from one cloud to another for pricing considerations, risk reduction in case of outages, or to reduce the threat of lock-in.


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