DxConsole 2012R2 Product Release

We just launched our 2012R2 version of DxConsole™ featuring DxSRM™ automated instance-level load balancer.

DxConsole 2012R2, Featuring DxSRM, Enhancements:

–  Increased Performance:  DxSRM enables users to achieve the highest performance for SQL Server instances by enabling the processing power of the servers to be intelligently leveraged. SQL Server instances are automatically and seamlessly redirected to servers with the lightest workloads, and therefore capable of providing the fastest performance.

–   Added Intelligence:  DxSRM adds instance level management intelligence to SQL Server.  Policies can be pre-set for each instance (e.g., memory, CPU, and I/O usage, or network bandwidth) allowing instances to move automatically to support business objectives.

–   Increased Flexibility and Scalability:  DxSRM enables SQL Server instances to be load-balanced, quickly and transparently, to on site or remote resources (i.e., cloud) for virtually unlimited flexibility and scalability.  This also enables on site resources to be fully optimized and capital expenditures to be deferred.

The DxSRM automated instance-level load balancer resulted from direct customer and industry analyst feedback stating that one of the largest, most time-consuming and expensive problems facing IT management today is that of Microsoft SQL Server sprawl.

Checkout our product tour to learn more about this new feature: http://dh2i.com/products/dxconsole/product_tour.php

Connor Cox

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