DxAG: Simplified HA for SQL Server Availability Groups

Eliminate Traditional Clustering Headaches Affordably

DxAG enables SQL Server Availability Groups to be made highly available within and between Windows and Linux nodes and across any type of infrastructure—all without relying on cumbersome and restrictive cluster orchestration technologies such as Pacemaker or Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). DxAG provides advanced fault detection and failover automation to minimize outages for SQL Server databases, helping customers achieve nearest-to-zero total downtime.

The DxAG tool is the only technology on the market that enables highly available SQL Server 2017 Availability Groups across mixed Linux and Windows nodes and mixed Linux distributions.

Use this inexpensive tool to make your AG deployments easier to set up and manage. Using our graphical user interface, Windows PowerShell or DxMobi, our mobile app for Android or iOS smartphones, management is intuitive and flexible.

A Hybrid Cloud Optimized for Performance and Flexibility

DxAG is also the easiest way to achieve a true hybrid cloud. Its built in Smart Availability technology enables easy, dynamic movement of workloads across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. The cloud vendor doesn’t matter either—you can be on AWS, Azure, etc. The software enables you to move primary workloads from any cloud and easily scale cloud-based reporting nodes.

DxAG also allows you to offload your secondary, real-time, read-only workloads from primary databases to the cloud to scale performance and maximize flexibility. Meanwhile, all your SQL Server workloads and reporting functions remain highly available—protected by DxAG’s automatic fault detection and failover capability.