Sell mission-critical software to 4,000 lawyers? No worries. With DH2i, one of the world’s largest corporate law firms easily exceeds 99.9% SLAs on all SQL Server instances. All that and disaster recovery failover across two datacenters for the firm’s 40 million documents, even with dramatic reduction of physical hosts and SQL Server consolidation.


Golden Living

With two fully redundant datacenters servicing 45,000 coast-to-coast users, this healthcare provider depends on its IT services to support its patients and residents. DH2i helps Golden Living meet its SLAs and ensure business continuity with five-nines availability for critical systems. Golden Living is also enjoying a dramatic increase in overall performance and ease of patch management, without the cost and overhead of alternative approaches.


Insurance Company

A global insurance provider pitted DH2i’s platform against Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). After painstaking due-diligence testing, DH2i not only came out on top—we saved the customer $2 million in license costs alone. With DH2i, the company meets SLAs for RPO and RTO and has reduced the time spent in patching and upgrades.


Vecima Networks

This Canadian manufacturer provides equipment to support the “last mile” of high-speed digital network services. Meticulous about quality, the company stores extensive product test results, resulting in multi-terabytes of data that must be always accessible. The company was sold on DH2i’s automated failover and HA capabilities that ensure near-zero impact to company operations, at six-figure savings over the alternative.



Bridges, high-rises, airports and stadiums depend on this fast-growing steel fabricator, so its IT organization has to keep up. The company explored SQL Server Enterprise edition to manage growth and improve datacenter performance, but licensing and support costs put it out of reach. With DH2i, health monitoring and failover with automated policies keep systems humming at peak performance, at nearly a third of the cost.

City of Aurora

The IT organization of Colorado’s third largest city manages life-critical fire, safety and 911 systems as well as utilities, public records, parks & rec and more. But an oversubscribed SAN and VM sprawl was making the system unmanageable. Now the city has automatic load balancing, HA and SLA compliance to serve its citizens, with no more sprawl and savings of 70% over SQL Server Enterprise edition.