Get the Most out of your Microsoft SPLA with Immediate Savings and Superior Services

If you provide software services or hosted applications using Microsoft products, the pay-as-you-go structure of your service provider license agreement (SPLA) is a great way to manage your costs. However, it doesn’t give you much leeway to reduce expenses. And you typically get hit with annual, non-negotiable increases that limit your ability to provide new value-added services to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

But there’s another option.

You can provide superior results for your customers and lower your Microsoft licensing costs—and at the same time, get better agility and more efficient management to help boost your margins. And you can do it with proven, Microsoft-certified software that puts you in the driver’s seat.

How? Containers.

Lightweight Windows containers decouple your customers’ enterprise applications from the underlying IT infrastructure. That gives you unprecedented ability to stack workloads and reduce OS count by 8 to 15X (with full license compliance) for immediate savings in your monthly SPLA. You could cut your Microsoft SQL Server bill in half next month.

But it’s not just about cost savings.

Containers give you complete workload portability (including data tier portability and management) from any host, to any host, anywhere—with just an application stop and start. You can go from standalone to clustered in minutes, and get all the advantages of self-healing high availability and disaster resilience with multi-subnet failover. And with near-zero downtime (both planned and unplanned) and protection from infrastructure, OS, and SQL Server faults, you can offer your customers unprecedented SLA assurance with application-based QoS.

That gives you a significant competitive advantage, even beyond the boost to your margins.

You can learn more by registering now for our upcoming webinar: “Squeeze More Value out of your Microsoft SPLA with Immediate Savings and Superior Services.”

Or if you’re ready to see how containers can help you get more from your SPLA right away, contact us for a free trial—in your environment or ours. You’ve got everything to gain.


Carl Berglund