Enterprise Tech News Rollup

2015 brought along many surprising changes in the IT industry. Exciting tech startups are bringing forward innovative solutions, widely-accepted technologies like virtual machines no longer stand on the pedestal they once did and new trends are becoming the new precedent faster than ever before. Check out this roundup of enterprise technology news from the last few weeks.

  • “A New Open Source Cloud Management Tool… From Walmart” — Learn about the plans of the world’s largest retailer to release part of its cloud management infrastructure as open source — news announced the same week the closing of 100 physical stores was disclosed.
  • “DH2i Named Computer Technology Review 2016 MVP” and “Finalist at Tech Trailblazers Awards” — DH2i has been named a Computer Technology Review Most Valuable Product (MVP) in the Container Management Software category for the second year in a row. Also, the polls are open to vote at the Tech Trailblazers Awards and DH2i is a finalist in the Networking Trailblazers category.
  • “Why the Future of Storage is Software-Defined” — Information Age discusses how software-defined storage has reached the mainstream and why it’s the way of the future if firms want to keep up with the demands of their industries.
  • “Has VMware Reached a Crossroads?” — VMware has announced the trimming of 800 jobs, and issued “worse than expected” guidance for the Q1 and Fiscal Year 2016 financial periods. Read this article from Virtualization Review’s Dan Kusnetzky to get his take on the news.

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Josh Achtemeier