DH2i Turning up the Volume on the Channel

As a newer company with a product so powerful that it is often perceived as being too good to be true, developing a channel-based selling approach made up of well-known and trusted firms has been imperative to DH2i’s success. We are proud to have partners all over the United States, United Kingdom and as far away as South Africa.

Just within the last couple months we have experienced a great surge in the DxAdvantage Program and signed on the following four partners to join our network:

Trustmarque – York, UK

Paramount Software Solutions – Georgia, US

Madison Cloud IT Solutions – Maryland, US

DeltaWare Data Solutions – Minnesota, US

We are tremendously excited to be in the toolkit of all these companies as they continue to help their customers make the best, most informed decisions when it comes to optimizing their SQL Server environments. Beyond just being resellers, we’re very excited for the collaborations we have already begun discussing. The innovative consulting approaches, varied vertical focus and extensive expertise of our new partners culminate in a very bright future for DH2i and its DxAdvantage partners.


Josh Achtemeier