Customer Quick-Look: W&W/AFCO Steel

Company Snapshot
6 state-of-the-art fabrication facilities
Privately-held with over 1000 dedicated employees
Projects: New Dallas Cowboys stadium, Mandalay Bay Convention Center & much more

Before DH2i

  • 2-server consolidated environment working great until a significant failure occurred that impacted production enough that something had to be done to improve resiliency.
  • Consultants were recommending SQL Server Enterprise Edition in order to create large WSFC clusters for high availability.
  • Pending quote for 3 years of SQL Server Enterprise Edition: $140,000.

After DH2i

  • DxEnterprise technology provided all the same functionality, protection, and much more for 37.5% the cost ($52,500).
  • DxEnterprise is easier to manage than the Enterprise Edition alternative because it allows for clusters of mixed SQL Server versions/editions and no Active Directory requirement.
  • DxEnterprise functions as a consolidation platform and can help sustain future growth.


W&W/AFCO Steel saved a huge amount of money because they got advanced, instance-level high availability without having to pay-up for Enterprise Edition SQL Server. Could your SQL Server environment benefit from the flexible management or cost savings that DxEnterprise enables?  Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing the software in action.


Josh Achtemeier