Customer Quick-Look: Asante Health System

Company Snapshot
Provides care to 500,000+ people in Oregon and California
About 700 servers across 3 hospitals
50+ outlying clinics
About 180 people in IT department

Before DH2i

  • Working with large WSFC clusters and licensing the biggest servers they could (prior to core-based licensing model).
  • Virtualizing everything they could to avoid lifecycle issues associated with physical hardware and to improve availability and mobility.
  • Virtualization initiatives resulted in a great deal of sprawl.
  • When Microsoft changed the SQL Server licensing model to per-core, Asante discovered they would have to pay upwards of $400,000 in true-up costs.

After DH2i

  • Asante has consolidated to an average of 15-20 instances per server.
  • Due to the consolidation, DxEnterprise provided the means to bring Microsoft licensing true-up figure down to $20,000.
  • Simplistic, more flexible approach to instance-level HA that can be easily stretched to DR at any time.
  • Increased agility and can scale out new environments in a matter of minutes—while also alleviating a lot of the stress surrounding modernization.


If you are intrigued by the benefits DxEnterprise helped Asante achieve, we highly encourage you to fill out the included form to receive a personal demo of the software.


Josh Achtemeier