Containers as a Service for SQL Server is Making Headlines—Are You Keeping Up?

The recent announcement of Containers as a Service for SQL Server is creating buzz throughout the industry. Take a look at what some of the experts are saying about the implications and capabilities of this release:

Container-as-a-Service for SQL Server

“The choice of the appropriate virtualization technology requires a clear understanding of the organization’s objectives, its level of expertise and its budget. Suppliers, such as DH2i, suggest enterprises place their SQL Server-based workloads in the most appropriate virtual environment, rather than just blindly seeing VMs as the answer to every question. It’s good advice.”

-Dan Kusnetzky, Virtualization Review

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DH2i Announces Industry’s First Containers as a Service (CaaS) Solution for Microsoft SQL Server

“The idea of ‘containers’ is a much talked about and generally accepted practice in numerous IT environments. However, there remains a number of adoption barriers for IT professionals. These range from a simple lack of understanding to the inability to pursue new technology because higher priority maintenance activities and fire fighting consume so much time. Barriers can also include a general resistance to significant change, budget challenges, and competitive blocks. By taking DH2i’s container to the cloud, DH2i is overcoming these barriers, and in doing so, providing business organizations with the ability to easily leverage containers and enjoy their benefits. These include better agility, faster innovation, increased productivity, higher availability and lower costs.”

-George Crump, Storage Switzerland


“As the leading managed cloud company, Rackspace strives to provide customers like DH2i with the expertise and service to manage the backend IT infrastructure, so they can focus on growing and innovating their core business with products like DH2i CaaS. With Rackspace support for Microsoft Private Cloud and dedicated servers, Rackspace enables DH2i to seamlessly deliver its container management services to customers. We’re thrilled that DH2i has chosen Rackspace as its trusted infrastructure provider, and we look forward to a continued collaboration.”

-Jeff DeVerter, Rackspace

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DH2i Teams Containers as a Service with Microsoft SQL Server

“Just as a physical container in the real world is used to hold or transport its contents, a container in the virtual world of cloud computing allows the software it holds to easily be transported from one environment to another. That transport could be from a platform as a service, where applications are developed to a production environment. Once in production, it might even be from one cloud computing provider to another, as price wars wage and advancing feature sets leapfrog one another.”

-Joel Shore, TechTarget (


“There is a lot of SQL out there, and in terms of transitioning to SQL Server as a container, there will be an audience for this. This could be an extension of SQL Server’s lease on life.”

-Robert Stroud, Forrester Research

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Are Software Containers the Key to Reducing Operating System Sprawl in the Cloud?

“DH2i CaaS provides built-in HA and disaster recovery readiness with containerized workload mobility, as well as health and performance quality of service (QoS) and alerting management.”

-Gary Hilson, IT World Canada

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DH2i sees first Containers-as-a-Service solution for SQL Server as massively disruptive

“DH2i partners with Rackspace to make its container management software available as a cloud offering for SQL. They see potential to expand with other cloud provider partners, and with other Microsoft software, and see it as a valuable managed service for their own partners.”

-Mark Cox,

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DH2i and RackSpace offer Container-as-a-Service for SQL Server

“This approach, DH2i claims, makes it possible for customers to reduce the cost of its cloud-based workloads by 50% when compared to the typical cost of standard cloud service offering. The company points out that the container-based approach is less costly than virtual machine-based cloud service offerings.”

-Dan Kusnetzky, Kusnetzky Group LLC

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DH2i container service reduces costs of running SQL Server in the cloud

“With CaaS, DH2i can take existing SQL deployments and containerize them as it’s moved to the cloud (in particular, Rackspace’s cloud). It supports multiple versions of SQL Server, so there’s no need to update to a different version or make modifications to the database itself.

Perhaps the most important part is that as it moves databases to the cloud, CaaS is able to maintain the same application endpoint connections so apps aren’t broken once the migration is complete.”

-Chris Talbot, FierceDevOps

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DH2i Releases New Container Platform for Microsoft SQL Server

“DH2i CaaS offers built-in HA and disaster recovery (DR) readiness with containerized workload mobility. In addition, health and performance quality of service (QoS) and alerting management is included, as well as portable NTFS storage container volume and disk management. DH2i CaaS supports Windows Server 2008R2 through 2016, and can manage SQL Server instances version 2005 to 2016 of any edition in any combination.”

-Stuart Parkerson, App Developer Magazine

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DH2i Unfurls Container-as-a-Service for Microsoft SQL Server

“Ultimately, Boxley envisions database administrators making use of DxEnterprise, which is built on a Windows container technology, to use the native Windows file system (NTFS) alongside shared or replicated storage technology to provide access to a pool of disk resources in the cluster. That capability enables consistent disk presentation no matter which host the container is active on.”

-Mike Vizard, Container Journal

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Josh Achtemeier